episode 50 :: a new england christmas

I never understood why we always ate fish on Christmas Eve when I was growing up. In fact, I think I didn’t even realize the monotony of it until I was twelve.  Never questioned it either.  I just ate my yearly Christmas Eve tuna casserole with a humble side of STFU.

It turns out that it was an Italian tradition. And apparently Jesus was a vegetarian.  Who knew?

In an Italian or Sicilian house, you never eat meat on Christmas Eve out of respect for the birth of baby Jesus.  I didn’t get these important details until much later, as I spent the latter part of my life spending Christmas Eve feasting on an array of animal flesh — roasted chickens, steaks, and pork roasts.  No disrespect to the birthday boy intended, of course. Had I known, lobster and crab would have been on the menu for certain.

In this episode, Greg Cain from finelobster.com returns to the show to share some of the traditions of a New England Christmas, and answers all of the questions about lobster I didn’t get a chance to pester him with the last time we had him on.

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Looking for a last minute gift idea that will blow the roof off the place?  Why not treat someone you love to a live Maine lobster, delivered right to their door. And if you’re worried about freaking the family out by having a live sea creature delivered to their house in a box, there’s always frozen lobster tails, crab cakes, lobster bisque, or a gift card.  Of course, Greg has a holiday special offer that will certainly get you in the holiday spirit.  Listen to the show (or read below) to find out more.

In this episode:
• Tuna Casserole – a Christmas Eve tradition I never knew about until it was too late
• Fishing along the California coast may soon be a thing of the past
• Avery Brewing’s Sui Generis Barrel-aged Sour Ale (courtesy of Rick from Big Foamy Head)
• Anthony Bourdain’s new book “Medium Raw” hits bookstores June 8th
• Greg Cain from finelobster.com visits
• How to make your own lobster bisque
• Top Chef Quickfire Challenge Cookbook review
• A year-end send off: Clip collage from My Life as a Foodie 2009

Music in this episode by Nickelback.  Buy the song in the iTunes store. Additional music by Michael Giacchino.

Orders from finelobster.com totaling $100 or more qualify for FREE 2-day shipping.  Order $125 or more and they’ll throw in two FREE lobster tails!  Who the hell is going to say NO to that?  Enter the coupon code FREELOBSTER at checkout and enjoy a nice lobster feast courtesy of Fine Lobster.

Happy Holidays!  See you in 2010 – harder and stronger.  Be safe out there, kids.

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