episode 52 :: food tech

Where does your food come from?  Do you know, really?  There are still so many people in the dark about this.  When you speak of slaughterhouses, kill plants, the real truth behind the food we eat, they turn their heads.  They don’t want the truth, it seems.

I often wonder if they think that we have farms where giant pork chops run around, waiting to be caught and served for dinner.  What about the special Chicken McNugget bird?  You know, that miniature boneless creature that provides so many tasty deep fried sandwiches — that animal is my favorite.

In this episode, we’re joined by Bobby Bognar, host of “Food Tech” a new show that uncovers the mystery behind the food we eat every day.  It debuts this Thursday on The History Channel, and I’d like you all to join me in watching it, and support our new friend.  Bobby calls in to share his experiences filming the shows first season, some of the incredible things he learned while on the road for 9 months, and says there is relatively good news about some of the food produced on large commercial farms.  We’re all in for a learning experience.

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In this episode:
• Trader Joes Vintage Ale and a 5-year vertical pairing dinner
• Bobby Bognar calls in to discuss “Food Tech”
• The McDonalds outburst and how future episodes can be avoided
• How safe is Genetically Modified Corn?
• Smuggling sausage on an airplane – a thing of the past?
• Bourdain returns for Season 6 of No Reservations
• In The Kitchen: Leek, Gorgonzola & Bacon Custard

Don’t forget to check out Bobby’s new show Food Tech, Thursdays on The History Channel.  Also, check out Bobby’s band The Piper Downs. Music in this episode from The Veer Union.  Buy the song in the iTunes store.