episode 52 :: food tech

Where does your food come from?  Do you know, really?  There are still so many people in the dark about this.  When you speak of slaughterhouses, kill plants, the real truth behind the food we eat, they turn their heads.  They don’t want the truth, it seems.

I often wonder if they think that we have farms where giant pork chops run around, waiting to be caught and served for dinner.  What about the special Chicken McNugget bird?  You know, that miniature boneless creature that provides so many tasty deep fried sandwiches — that animal is my favorite.

In this episode, we’re joined by Bobby Bognar, host of “Food Tech” a new show that uncovers the mystery behind the food we eat every day.  It debuts this Thursday on The History Channel, and I’d like you all to join me in watching it, and support our new friend.  Bobby calls in to share his experiences filming the shows first season, some of the incredible things he learned while on the road for 9 months, and says there is relatively good news about some of the food produced on large commercial farms.  We’re all in for a learning experience.

Listen to episode 52 now

In this episode:
• Trader Joes Vintage Ale and a 5-year vertical pairing dinner
• Bobby Bognar calls in to discuss “Food Tech”
• The McDonalds outburst and how future episodes can be avoided
• How safe is Genetically Modified Corn?
• Smuggling sausage on an airplane – a thing of the past?
• Bourdain returns for Season 6 of No Reservations
• In The Kitchen: Leek, Gorgonzola & Bacon Custard

Don’t forget to check out Bobby’s new show Food Tech, Thursdays on The History Channel.  Also, check out Bobby’s band The Piper Downs. Music in this episode from The Veer Union.  Buy the song in the iTunes store.


  1. I totally agree with you on 2009 TJ’s vintage ale being the best of the lot. My family opened a few of the older bottles and we all liked how the 2006 was aging but it was unanimous that the 2009 was our favorite. We didn’t open a 2007 so I’ll have to open one soon!


  2. Another great episode, Phil. Food Tech sounds like it should be a terrific show – right up my alley, as they say, and I’m going to try to catch it. Bobby sounds like a passionate and well-versed guy. Loved the airplane-food smuggling piece. Donkey sausage, really?? And love that you’re doing radio cooking demos! I could smell the butter as it sizzled in the pan. As I told you, I already bought The Veer Union – great band! Cheers!

  3. Phil, the show rocks as always. Dig the new show idea on The History Channel and will check it out tonight. Your interview with Bobby was great. He sounds like the perfect man for the job.

    That McDonalds thing couldn’t be any dumber. She asked for a hot pie and they gave her a cheeseburger? What?

  4. Do you really think someone like ghetto mom would eat at a place better than McDonalds? Just from the way she talked you KNOW she got in the workers face, probably stickin her finer with the $100 nail job in her face.

    I set Bobby’s show on my DVR. This is a good night for TV in my house.

    I will also kick anyone’s ass drinking bud/Coors Miller

  5. Good stuff Phil. I like the Food Tech show idea. Will watch it tonight as well. It does sound like Unwrapped, but probably a lot more in-depth than that. Like Bobby said in the interview, that show is boring because all they do is film the machines making stuff and tell you how it works. Boring. I like Food Tech’s approach better.

    Sounds like you made a great dish with the leeks and gorgonzola. I will have to try that one. It’s always good to have some vegetarian options. Without the bacon, I’m sure it’s just as good.

  6. Interesting interview with Mr. Bognar. Found it funny to hear him say that agri-business is an improvement because they are making cheap food available and it is curing hunger. Yes, cheap food is not always good food, but at least they’re making cheap food. How is cheap food an improvement when it is full of chemicals that end up causing health issues in the long run?

    Is he siding with agri-business? It sure sounds like it and I’m amazed.

  7. brilliant brilliant, man! love the interviews.
    i’ve been loving the last handful of episode extremely.
    had a bit of a food-nerdgasm at the thomas keller story. right in the middle of work. my boss asked me what was the matter, and she just wouldn’t understand, man. 🙂

    and i just cooked up some of the savory custards. they are like crack. delicious, bacony, cheesy crack. but i had to bake them for an hour 15. cheers for that!

    dude, i finally found a diet for guys, since we are knuckle-draggers at heart—

    keep it up, phil!

  8. Really loved your interview with Bobby Bognar, Phil! We had recorded the show on DVR last week and just watched it last night and it was very informative. Much more informative and complete than anything on Food Network.

    And can I tell you how delicious it is to hear you cooking in the kitchen? Those are my favorite segments. Any time you mix cheese and bacon, can failure be far behind? I don’t think so.

    I loved your Keller story from last episode too. That must have been really exciting for you.

  9. Thanks for your comments everyone! I appreciate that you all take the time to listen and come here to bring some thoughts to the table.

    Charles, as always – I appreciate that you support the bands that I feature on the show. There is a lot of great music out there, and it’s cool that we share the same taste.

    Ronnie, I don’t know if it was a hot pie or not – she just said a ‘snack wrap’. I don’t know what that is. When we were kids, all they had were apple pies, and they were pretty awesome. They probably have a lot of different things now. She was out of line.

    Paul, what they showed (the cow getting a hormone shot, feeding the cows corn to get them to grow faster quicker) was pretty honest. They could have hidden that, but they chose to show it. That’s honesty, and it’s something to appreciate. There are no endorsements here. You see the truth behind your food, and you’re either encouraged or discouraged by it. I appreciate that about Food Tech.

    Nik, that raw meat diet sounds brutal! We do love our proteins, don’t we? Big fat steaks and chops — that’s heaven. I love shabu shabu or hot pot (thinly sliced, raw meat, cooked briefly in hot stock). But I’m not sure if I could take tar tar every day. It is one way to stay lean, but you really have to drink a virtual ass ton of water to keep your kidneys clean.

    Michelle, thanks for supporting Bobby’s show! He said it’s going to get even more interesting as the season progresses. He visits sustainable farms, etc.

  10. Much to talk on here:

    First, I didn’t know Trader Joe’s sold its own beer! Awesome.

    Second, bundling Bognar, Bourdain, and beef-smuggling on planes: Yes, I have a question for Bognar. Having read about the many travel follies of ‘Tony Bourdain in “A Cook’s Tour,” I’d love to know the harrowing details of Bognar’s shuffling to all these international locations. It’s been awhile since I’ve read the book, but I remember Bourdain having to deal with third-world Autobahn traffic, half-operable (Russian?) airliners and the dirtiest, dank “hotel rooms” in the belly of backwoods Asia. What about Bognar?

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