Durian Challenge

Forget all of the hype surrounding Durian. Sure, it smells horrible, but it tastes great. The fruit tastes more like a creamy, perfumy custard than the comparisons that have been made to runny, strong French cheese.

Don (aka HogDawg from Dude Night) visited Jakarta recently and emailed me that he’d eaten it from a street vendor, thereby throwing down the gauntlet. He brought an entire fresh fruit to my house and we ate it – outside of course. My wife will tolerate quite a bit, but she has her limits.

Although the smell of this fruit is really bad – not unlike rotting garbage, eating it really wasn’t much of a challenge. It had a flavor that, to me, was almost indescribable. Very unique, sweet, with an almost floral flavor. I enjoyed this very much, and would definitely eat it again.

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  1. I want to love durian with all of my heart, but it just tastes too savory for my tastes. I want my fruits juicy, sweet, and refreshing. I’ll keep trying it though until we fall properly in love!

  2. we done, phil! you get the durian merit badge!
    it is tasty isn’t it? some friends of mine bought one a year ago without knowing what it was, thought it was rotten, and i caught them before they tossed it. i ate half of it outside (haha! it’s not a house friendly, or wife friendly, fruit!) and froze what was left. i really got a flowery banana flavor, but also bit of like…you know tea tree oil? or balsam? like that— which i think people get the burning tire taste from. and smelled like funky, (really funky) real french cheese. definitely an experience, and i think the stories always outweigh the legends with this tasty beast.

  3. Thanks you guys. I feel like such a dope watching this video. It was one of the first times I couldn’t describe what I was eating. It tasted really good, I just wish the smell wafting up from the table wasn’t slamming me in the face with every bite.

    Nik – flowery banana . . . . that’s about as close as you can get to describing this fruit. I like that. You should have done this video – not me. 😀 It’s certainly worthy of the hype in regards to the smell, but the actual flavor of the fruit is nothing out of the ordinary. Although I agree with Catherine. I too like my fruits sweeter. And citrus is still available at the Farmers Market here in CA, so I’m in tangerine heaven for another month.

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