episode 54 :: truth or dare

Considering the many new flavors and bites I’ve opened myself up to recently, I had to stop and think of how many things in my life I may have missed by simply forming preconceived opinions on them. How cheated have I been all of my life? More to the point, how cheated have you been?

In this episode, I explore the notion of accepting every single challenge that’s brought upon us – either by a friend, or by yourself. How challenging are you? Will you be able to say, at the end of your life as a foodie, that you have tasted all of the foods you have ever pondered? It never has to be a dare, but without some form of a challenge – whether by a friend, or by your own will – you may never discover the truth behind the food that surrounds us each and every day.

Bobby Bognar, host of The History Channel’s Food Tech, visits the show to answer listener questions, and proves (among other things) that he’s never one to back down from a challenge. If you needed a new reason to like this guy, he provides plenty. What a great interview he is.

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In this episode:
• Why does Superbowl Sunday have to be such a downgraded food day?
• “Mischief” from The Bruery
• Recapping the Durian Challenge, and why we all need to explore food
• Bourdain schooled by a 10 year old – WTF?
• Bobby Bognar from Food Tech visits
• Top Chef Masters Season 2 debuts April 7th on Bravo. Go Chef Ludo!
• The McItaly Burger – Goodbye, Slow Food!

Music in this episode from Nickelback. Download the song from the iTunes Store – or better yet, from their web site.

Join the Food Tech Facebook Group, and tell The History Channel why they need to return Food Tech for a second season. Death threats are absolutely unacceptable – so don’t go there, people (you know who you are – Frank & Jeff).

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