video short :: the taco truck

My friend Don took me to his favorite taco truck in Orange County recently.  Ruben’s is most often located on Bishop and Main Streets in Santa Ana, and they offer the best Mexican street food this side of the border.

There are two trucks, and we visit them both. One serves the standard Mexican fare (carne asada, al pastor, carnitas, etc.). The other specializes in an amazing variety of seafood tacos that put Rubio’s to shame.

Don’s always full of surprises.  I can’t imagine where he’ll take me next.

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episode 56 :: bánh mì

I’ve made no secret that my single favorite dish in the world comes from Vietnam. Phở is my death row meal, and is fast becoming a favorite among many of my friends and listeners of the show (you know who you are).

Now comes perhaps my single favorite sandwich, the bánh mì. A no frills sandwich composed of a few slices of pork roll, pate, Jambon stuffed into a freshly baked French baguette, topped with house pickled carrots and daikon radish, cilantro, and sliced jalapeno. 10 hard inches of crusty goodness for half the price of what Subway charges.  As nice as Subway has been to us over the years, Jared had better start learning how to speak Vietnamese.  My new addiction is once again from Vietnam.

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With the help of Cathy at Gastronomy Blog, I’ll show you how to properly pronounce this sandwich. Cathy can lead to you more Bánh mì adventures than you’d ever imagined existed.  We’ll also discuss Tyson Food’s defense against the filmmakers of Food Inc.  And you can’t have a sandwich without a beer, so I crack open a can of Imperial IPA that rivals Pliny. That’s right – Imperial IPA in a can.

In this episode:
• Shame on you, Jesse James
• ‘Gubna’ Imperial IPA from Oskar Blues
• Discovering Bánh mì through Lee’s Sandwiches
• Tyson’s side of the Food Inc. story
• The American Meat Institute’s side as well
• ‘Future Food’ coming to Planet Green, March 30th
• Does Bourdain dislike food blogging?
• Growing produce in the Middle East

Special thanks to Cathy at Gastronomy Blog for her help and inspiration. You can read more about bánh mì on her blog.

Audio on this episode courtesy of The Onion, CNN, Travel Channel, and Planet Green.

Music in this episode from Shinedown.  If you like the song you can buy it from the iTunes store, or from their web site

Lastly, here’s a video from Tyson featuring an example of the type family-run farms that supply chickens to Tyson Foods:

episode 55 :: roar of the lyon

Photo of Nathan Lyon by Ann Summa

With Spring right around the corner, it’s time to start thinking healthy, getting outside, and focusing on our well-being more than ever. I’d already planned on a show about health and fitness when a recent health scare made my focus even clearer. You can be as healthy as ever, live a relatively clean life, and still have problems you don’t know about until you see your doctor. It’s all clearly in focus for me now.

In this episode, we’re joined by Nathan Lyon host of “A Lyon in The Kitchen,” which can currently be seen on FITtv and Discovery Health. Some of you may know Nathan from his appearance on season two of The Next Food Network Star, which was ultimately won by Guy Fieri.

Nathan’s passion for eating healthy, living right, and taking care of your body is equally as intoxicating as his enthusiasm for Farmers Markets, and farmers in general. Thanks to Bobby Bognar, host of Food Tech on The History Channel (who set this whole thing up), you’re in for a real treat. No one hits the nail any squarer on the head than Nathan. Listen to a marathon episode of the show, and learn.

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In this episode:
• The silent killer rears its ugly head, and scares the crap out of me
• How the Nike+iPod has made running and walking fun again
Help Food Tech get a well-deserved Season 2 on The History Channel
• Produce scares – propaganda, or cause for real concern?
• Nathan Lyon visits
• Food, Inc. makes one last push toward the Oscars
• Help bring the Border Grill to LAX

Don’t forget to check out Nathan’s show “A Lyon in The Kitchen” on FITtv and Discovery Health, and his new show “Growing a Greener World,” which debuts May 18th on your local PBS station. Visit his official web site at

Music in this episode from Spineshank. Buy their song from the iTunes store, or visit their official MySpace page –

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