episode 55 :: roar of the lyon

Photo of Nathan Lyon by Ann Summa

With Spring right around the corner, it’s time to start thinking healthy, getting outside, and focusing on our well-being more than ever. I’d already planned on a show about health and fitness when a recent health scare made my focus even clearer. You can be as healthy as ever, live a relatively clean life, and still have problems you don’t know about until you see your doctor. It’s all clearly in focus for me now.

In this episode, we’re joined by Nathan Lyon host of “A Lyon in The Kitchen,” which can currently be seen on FITtv and Discovery Health. Some of you may know Nathan from his appearance on season two of The Next Food Network Star, which was ultimately won by Guy Fieri.

Nathan’s passion for eating healthy, living right, and taking care of your body is equally as intoxicating as his enthusiasm for Farmers Markets, and farmers in general. Thanks to Bobby Bognar, host of Food Tech on The History Channel (who set this whole thing up), you’re in for a real treat. No one hits the nail any squarer on the head than Nathan. Listen to a marathon episode of the show, and learn.

Listen to episode 55 now

In this episode:
• The silent killer rears its ugly head, and scares the crap out of me
• How the Nike+iPod has made running and walking fun again
Help Food Tech get a well-deserved Season 2 on The History Channel
• Produce scares – propaganda, or cause for real concern?
• Nathan Lyon visits
• Food, Inc. makes one last push toward the Oscars
• Help bring the Border Grill to LAX

Don’t forget to check out Nathan’s show “A Lyon in The Kitchen” on FITtv and Discovery Health, and his new show “Growing a Greener World,” which debuts May 18th on your local PBS station. Visit his official web site at chefnathanlyon.com

Music in this episode from Spineshank. Buy their song from the iTunes store, or visit their official MySpace page – myspace.com/spineshank

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  1. Great show, Phil. Next time talk a little bit more about me, though…

    • Thanks Bobby. Sorry my lips aren’t chapped from kissing your ass enough. I’ll do my best to try harder in the next episode.

  2. Dude, Nathan is unbelievable. I could listen to him for hours. Great interview, and I can’t wait to catch his show on Discovery. I don’t know if I have FIT-TV on my cable lineup or not, but I’ll definitely have to check when I get home.

    Sorry about your health scare, but it sounds like it was something you turned into a positive. My father lived with high blood pressure for years that went untreated, and eventually had serious problems with his heart and we eventually lost him. They call it “The Silent Killer” because you don’t know you have it until it’s too late.

    Great show. And loving Food Tech too.

    • Appreciate your comments, Ronnie. Trust me, I felt like editing any of the interview with Nathan was a sin. I know FIT-tv is available on DirecTV. Not sure about other providers.

      Sorry to hear about your dad, dude. It definitely is something to get checked out once you get OLD like me, though.

  3. Really good show, Phil. I loved the interview with Nathan. Definitely your longest show, but it was worth spending the time listening to. What a total foodie this guy is. I remember watching him on Next Food Network Star, but I can’t remember what they sent him home for. I do recall he made it pretty deep into the competition, though.

    I’m looking forward to catching his shows. Do you know if they’re available on iTunes?

    • I don’t think A Lyon in The Kitchen is available on iTunes, but if it is, I’ll post links to it. Great question. I can’t recall why he was sent home either. Maybe for suggesting they air a show that promotes healthy cooking?

  4. MMMMM Nathan Lyon. Loved him on NFNS. So sorry to see him go.

    Great interview with an incredibly opinionated chef. He actually out-talked you, Phil! What is up!! LOL!

    • You and my wife, Michelle. But I think he’s taken. 😉

      And yes, I definitely met my match. He’s got a lot on his mind. But that’s a good thing!

      Thanks for your comments!

  5. Nathan Lyon was absolutely amazing and I’m seriously reconsidering how we do things around our house. Since we get slammed with rough winters a farmers market isnt an option from Nov-Feb but Lushie and I had a chat after listening to your show and will be scoping out the few in our area.

    I do have to disagree with one thing you guys mentioned. I can’t just “make time” to go and work out. I’m up at 630 to get the family going, I leave around 8am for work after a shower, breakfast and getting teaspoon up. drive 45 minutes to work, strapped to my desk for 8+ hours a day, drive home and spend an hour with my 1yr old kid which includes dinner before he has to go to bed and then I do schoolwork until midnight. Now with the spring/summer coming I’ll be able to get some walks in when we have daylight past 6pm and its not 32F outside. I tried to schedule walk time during my lunch but now I work through those. My only time to hit the gym is saturday for a couple hours. Lushie needs a break from being home all day with Teaspoon so if I did get some free time its watching the boy so she can get away for a bit.

    Sorry, a bit long winded 🙂 KILLER show you guys and I will be checking out Nathan’s site!

    • Thanks, Spoon.

      I have said many times here that I know how much harder it is in the rest of the country to visit the Farmer’s Markets. We’re a bit spoiled here with our weather. This is why we have grocery stores. Just as long as we’re not eating out-of-season produce, and supporting American farmers, we’re doing the right things for us, and for the farmers that bust their ass for us each and every day.

      Thanks for your comments about Nathan. I hope you get a chance to catch his show on Discovery Health, and his new show on PBS in May.

  6. Another great show, Phil! Your interview with Nathan was intense, and just what I needed to hear. I too cannot wait for Spring to roll through. I’ve had enough of this cold weather. Sorry to hear about your blood pressure scare. I’m a bit younger than you still, but it reminds me that I should probably get it checked out myself.

    • It’s never too early to get checked out, Dan. Thanks for your comments. It’s all good here. I’m running my ass off now, and I too cannot wait for Spring to finally arrive in full force.

  7. I had no idea who this guy was, then my wife fills me in. She remembered him from a show on the learning network I think. Sure sounds like he was a good fit for a show like this. There’s a lot to learn about the way we think we should eat, and the way we actually do eat.

    The inside/outside aisle comments continue to make me laugh. It’s funny how that works. Although, we should remember that sugar, flour, bread, pasta, vinegar, oil, and many other items are in those inside aisles. Unless you want to go without those things, you’re going to have to break your own rule some day.

    Sorry Food Inc. didn’t win at the Oscars. It was still a great movie, though.

    • Appreciate your comments, Paul. As I’ve said on the show – would have been great for Food, Inc. to take home that statue, but The Cove deserved it too.

      Above all else, it’s great that a documentary like Food, Inc. got the kind of exposure it did, and broadcasted how incredibly screwed up our priorities have become lately. We can only hope that the days of allowing corporations to cook their food will end for a vast majority of the American public. It’s time to bring the most important thing in our lives – food – home again.

  8. Really not sure what’s up with the FDA recalls and health scares. Did you hear that they’re undergoing a massive recall now?


    Loved hearing your interview with Nathan Lyon. Liked him on Food Network. He has a lot of energy. Great to hear you interviewing someone who shares a lot of the same ideals that you do on your show.

    Also sad to see Food Inc not receive that well-deserved Oscar. The message is out, though. You did your best to help promote it I think.

    • Lamda, thanks for the URL. I did know about this, as it started gaining steam the day I interviewed Nathan. It was even on my list of things to discuss with him, but we ran out of time.

      I will definitely be bringing this up in the next episode. Thanks again.

  9. Nathan mentioned a huge student loan debt – hadn’t paid for his education yet.

    Question: What does it cost to become a chef? Or did he study something else?

    • Great question, Kenneth. You obviously listened closely too. I’m not sure what it costs to go to a Cordon Bleu school, but I know it cannot be cheap.

      It’s just testament to how dedicated Nathan is to what he believes in, his lifestyle, and his love of food.

  10. Thanks for turning me on to Nathan, Phil! Everything he said and stands for is right down my 100 Mile alley including his connection to his great-grandmother. Loved hearing him talk & you interviewing him. I’m definitely a new fan. Loved the music again! Great choice. Have you heard of the group ‘Astronaut Down’? Really cook group, think you’d like them. I just bought their album: ‘Moths To The Flame.’ Let me know what you think. Great show!

    • Thanks for your comments as always, Charles. I appreciate your support – and I KNEW Nathan would hit the right chord with you. Many times during our conversation, I thought this was going to be something you’d want to hear.

      Thanks for the tip on Astronaut Down. I’ll go to iTunes now and check them out. I dig that you’re into this music. And I’m glad you liked “New Disease.”

  11. I discovered your podcasts last summer, and have been listening ever since. I really enjoy the show you do, and this last show with Nathan Lyon was excellent. Nathan seems to very much share your same passion.
    Thanks for the show, and keep up the good work!

    • Thank you, Kim! I appreciate your comments. It’s always nice to hear from anyone who’s been listening for a while.

      Nathan was great. Hope to have him on again!

  12. Phil, I am sorry to hear about your recent health discoveries. Sounds like with your new insights and intuition you will conquer the demons and come out a much stronger and healthier guy (even though you seemed plenty healthy to me when we met!) It’s those silent demons that are the scariest when it comes to our health.
    The folks you will be working with sound wonderful. I love the positive energy here with the healthy, mindful, aware, honest lifestyle choices. We all need to look within. Now on to your podcast.

    • Marla, thanks. It really was a shocker, and I’m glad it’s all just about my genetics. Since the physical, I’ve been 100% dedicated to staying the course by exercising. Still can’t shake those bowls of Asian noodles, but if the meds help me keep it balanced, and I can still eat those – I’m good!

      Thanks for listening, and for your thoughts.

  13. Thanks for continuing with the great episodes, Phil. I really enjoy your show.

    I’m currently watching Food Tech thanks to you and i can’t wait to watch Nathan’s shows.

    Keep up the good work!!

    • David, thanks for supporting Food Tech, and for your continued support of my show as well. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate it.

      Cheers, and thanks again.

  14. Dude, as always awesome show. Your youngest fan loves it too. We’re trying to cook dinner for the family every night this week (at least the nights I’m home) trying to start some cool habits with the little buddy..

    Cheers you hoser!!! Keep em comin’ cuz we’re listening……….


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