video short :: the taco truck

My friend Don took me to his favorite taco truck in Orange County recently.  Ruben’s is most often located on Bishop and Main Streets in Santa Ana, and they offer the best Mexican street food this side of the border.

There are two trucks, and we visit them both. One serves the standard Mexican fare (carne asada, al pastor, carnitas, etc.). The other specializes in an amazing variety of seafood tacos that put Rubio’s to shame.

Don’s always full of surprises.  I can’t imagine where he’ll take me next.

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  1. Excellent vid – Christ almighty do I love me a good taco truck feast… Y’all did it up right! Why no plans to return to Mexico Phil?

  2. Thanks Matt! I don’t think I did that meal justice at all. It was phenomenal food. Wish I had room for those last tortillas from the seafood truck. Incredibly fresh, and thick.

    Regarding why I don’t plan on returning to Mexico any time soon:

    I’ll enjoy my street tacos here for now, thank you.

  3. Loved it, Phil!! Do MORE. Made me want to get in the car and drive to Santa Ana and find Ruben’s. I’d follow you and Don on any food adventure you want to take me on. COOL music!

    • Charles, thanks. Your comments always make my day. Would be cool to visit some food trucks in LA sometime with you.

  4. From podcasts to video! I am very impressed. Well done. Ruben’s trucks are serving up some awesome eats. Everything looks really fresh, I honestly can’t believe this food is from a truck! Phil, you offer up a great blog filled with multimedia stimulation about my favorite subject, food 🙂

    • Thanks Marla! If I didn’t have this food off of a truck, I’d never know it was prepared in one. One of the things I tried to capture, but couldn’t because of glare through the window, was this big spindle of raw meat and fat that they carved from to grill for each order. I’ve never seen food prepared this well from a truck before. I hate eating standing up, but on this day it was not a problem.

      Thanks again!

  5. Great great great! We have nothing like that around us, but I would go out of my way for it. The tacos look delicious. Loved the music too.

    • Glad you enjoyed the music, Dan. Thanks for your comments. If you’re a fan of hard rock, I can’t recommend Rev Theory enough. You can buy their complete album from iTunes. There’s at least 5 great songs on it.

  6. What a great food truck. Looks like you guys have been doing this for a while too. I do some business in California on occasion. If I’m ever in that area, I’m checking it out. Are most of the “taco trucks” in California just like this?

    I would love to see more videos just like this Phil!

    • Bill, I’m not sure if all taco trucks are like this, but Don told me this is the best one in OC. I’m sure there are more out there, though. If you’re ever out in this area, let me know and perhaps we can hook up. I’ll treat!

      Thanks for your feedback.

  7. hey phil. would love to explore LA-based food trucks with you guys. Maybe I should look into the local angle with them? Find out if any use local and sustainable ingredients. Could be a nice angle/great cross post… I’ll try to start some investigative homework!

    • Charles, that would absolutely rock the party! If you find anything like that, let me know and I’ll show up with my gear. That would be fun!

  8. Phil, did you mike up you and Don? Or is that just camera mike?

    • Hey Bobby — that was camera mic only. It was kind of last-minute, so I didn’t get a chance to set us up with lapel mics. I know the sound quality was kind of lame. Next time, we’re clipping in.

      • Oh, and thanks for checking it out. 🙂

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