episode 58 :: seoul train

Leave it to the Stougaards to turn what we expected to just be a quiet, unassuming evening dining in LA into an indelible memory.

When Katrina and I planned to visit Debbie Lee’s Seoul Town Tapas at The Bread Bar (home of Ludo Bites 2.0 and the on-going Hatchi Series), we went with the sole intention of tasting her take on Korean “pub grub,” then going home. Chef Lee’s dishes did not disappoint, as they mixed classic Korean flavors with the soulfulness of Southern cuisine.

Then the texts from Jo began.

Next thing we know, we’re leaving Seoul Town Tapas, driving 5 blocks down the street to join Jo and Peter at DaVinci Restaurant to taste Chef Jason Fullilove’s Spring Menu. In yet another evening when I wish I had multiple stomachs, my palate was treated to new flavors, textures, and cooking techniques that reminds me just how hard chefs work every day to entertain us.

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In this episode:
• The lashing out against Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution is puzzling.
• Chico Unified School District’s lunch program doesn’t want competition from your mother.
Kellerweiss Hefeweizen from Sierra Nevada
• Seoul Town Tapas by Chef Debbie Lee
• Chef Jason Fullilove’s Spring Menu at DaVinci Restaurant
• Cooking Sauerkraut in your home? Neighbor of the year.
• A racially-motivated typo sends an Australian cookbook publisher back to the press.
• What’s really in a Twinkie? And how the hell did I end up talking about orgasms?

Music in this episode from Terrasse Tranquille. Download their song from the iTunes Store, or from their official web site.

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episode 57 :: sushi revolution

Face it, no one really needs me to talk about sushi. It’s been done to death, and I’m not the one to bring anything new. But I finally got a chance to experience kaiten-zushi (sushi served on a rotating conveyer belt) and it was not only one of the most entertaining sushi experiences I’ve had, but it provided a few dishes I won’t soon forget.

Sushilicious recently opened in Irvine (less than 3 miles from my home), and it’s unique in may ways. Not only is it one of the few sushi restaurants that provides a kaiten-zushi experience, its owner Daniel has marketed Sushilicious primarily using Social Media. That’s a first for Orange County, so far as I can tell.

Oh, and by the way, the sushi is delicious.

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In this episode:
• Allagash Fluxus 2009
• Kaiten-Zushi experience at Sushilicious
• Future Food on Planet Green – great idea, wrong message
• Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution on ABC – great idea, right message
• The heyday of the LA Times Food Section Gals

Music in this episode from Thousand Foot Krutch. Download the song from the iTunes Store or better yet, from their web site thousandfootkrutch.com