episode 58 :: seoul train

Leave it to the Stougaards to turn what we expected to just be a quiet, unassuming evening dining in LA into an indelible memory.

When Katrina and I planned to visit Debbie Lee’s Seoul Town Tapas at The Bread Bar (home of Ludo Bites 2.0 and the on-going Hatchi Series), we went with the sole intention of tasting her take on Korean “pub grub,” then going home. Chef Lee’s dishes did not disappoint, as they mixed classic Korean flavors with the soulfulness of Southern cuisine.

Then the texts from Jo began.

Next thing we know, we’re leaving Seoul Town Tapas, driving 5 blocks down the street to join Jo and Peter at DaVinci Restaurant to taste Chef Jason Fullilove’s Spring Menu. In yet another evening when I wish I had multiple stomachs, my palate was treated to new flavors, textures, and cooking techniques that reminds me just how hard chefs work every day to entertain us.

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In this episode:
• The lashing out against Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution is puzzling.
• Chico Unified School District’s lunch program doesn’t want competition from your mother.
Kellerweiss Hefeweizen from Sierra Nevada
• Seoul Town Tapas by Chef Debbie Lee
• Chef Jason Fullilove’s Spring Menu at DaVinci Restaurant
• Cooking Sauerkraut in your home? Neighbor of the year.
• A racially-motivated typo sends an Australian cookbook publisher back to the press.
• What’s really in a Twinkie? And how the hell did I end up talking about orgasms?

Music in this episode from Terrasse Tranquille. Download their song from the iTunes Store, or from their official web site.

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  1. I was just thinking this afternoon I could really go for a MLAAF and BLAM, there it was. Looking forward to listening to this Phil. Keep up the awesome work.


  2. Hey Phil, love the show. I’ve just started listening and catching up. Really enjoy how you’re mixing a little beer talk with some food talk, and the Food TV reviews and stuff. Lots of great material and some humor too.

    Keep up the great work. Just wanted to say hello.

  3. Sounds like you had a great evening in LA! Haven’t had too much experience with Korean food, but we have a Mongolian BBQ chain here that’s pretty decent. The nacho dish sounds like great beer food. And speaking of beer, more HEFENWISEN please!



  4. It’s still a green light for December 23 @12 noon…. Let me know if that changes.. give me a couple of weeks to get back with you.. hope things get stable soon.. Talk to you then.Thank for you the hard work

  5. Another great show, Phil. I just love your enthusiasm. Your Jo initiated gorge fest was the best. She has a way about her – the last time were out with her we had eaten almost the entire Ludo Bites menu including dessert & she decided we had to eat the rest of the menu so out came 3-4 more savory dishes. I protested to no avail. Got to love it ! Let’s put her on to the school lunches issue – she’d make those kids eat right. Keep doin’ what you are doin’. (When’s the next video?)

  6. Phil, found you through a friend who has been listening to you and really enjoy listening to your show. The evening you had sounds really great. We’ve done an evening of restaurant hopping before, where we’ll order appetizers at one restaurant, our entree at another, then visit a final restaurant for dessert. It’s a lot of fun, but requires some planning.

    The school lunch issue is another example of the government not doing a very good job of balancing their priorities. Such a shame that mothers are forced to compete with the schools to feed their children. Is this what we’re paying our taxes for?

  7. I wonder if Rachel Ray was doing the same kind of show Jamie Oliver tried to do if it wouldn’t have been accepted with a warmer response. Mothers everywhere watch her show, she’s an American, and she’s a lot more popular in this country than he is. I like Food Revolution. It’s great to see someone doing something instead of nothing.

    Have not had a lot of Korean food, but I do remember seeing Debbie Lee on The Next Food Network Star. It sounds like she cooks up some pretty decent food. Gotta check it out.

  8. Thanks for your comments, everyone!

    Peter – I don’t think it was WHO was doing it as much as people generally not trusting people who are trying to do the right thing, no matter how it’s presented.

    Charles- Glad you got a chance to taste Debbie’s food before her stint at The Bread Bar ended. We recently celebrated my birthday there for dinner and it was outstanding. She brought out several special treats for us, and even brought me a piece of birthday cake AND sang happy birthday to me. What an awesome person – all around. I love her.

    Bubby – I hope the show helped lighten the mood for you this week. Thanks again for listening.

    Thanks to all of you for listening!


  9. Too funny! My husband and I have done crazy things like that, too — basically had two lunches or two dinners back to back. You can’t do it too often. But it sure is a fun time when you do.

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