As we close out the 3rd season of My Life as a Foodie, I figured it best to go out on a low note. That way, the bar would be set as low as possible when season 4 starts back up in June.

In honor of Andrew Zimmern, host of Bizarre Foods on The Travel Channel, I invited my good friend Don to dinner and served up some dried and seasoned bugs as the appetizer. Watch as we consume moth larvae and crickets, washed down with Green Flash Brewing’s Trippel.

See you in June for more food adventures, and the announcement of a new video series debuting this Summer.

episode 59 :: something fishy

Imagine an empty sea.

Hard to wrap your head around, isn’t it? The sea is vast. 70% of Earth is covered by water, and the thought of it being depleted of fish seems almost unrealistic.

In this episode, we’re going to learn that it is not only possible for the sea to be depleted of life; it’s down right probable. At the rate we’re currently fishing our waters, we can see the end of fish on our tables in our lifetime.

There are other options. And with the help of Martin Reed of “I Love Blue Sea” we’re about to learn what other options there are for us, and how we can push the weight to the other end of the scale by shifting to other “sustainable” seafood options.

Martin joins us to explain just exactly how dangerous our situation is, what other options are available to us, and how easy his web site ilovebluesea.com can make it for you to bring fresh, sustainable seafood to your table, and help save the circle of life in the ocean at the same time.

Listen to episode 59 now

In this episode:

• Best. Birthday. Ever.
The legend of Jim Brockmire
• Martin Reed of ilovebluesea.com joins the show
• Ludo Bites 4.0 recap
• Top Chef Masters 2 is kind of dull, sorry.
• Ann Willan speaking at Culinary Historians of Southern California
• The Cooking Channel starts soon. Let’s hope they play decent commercials.
• Cask Beer gets an upgrade with the help of molecular gastronomy

Music in this episode by Puddle of Mudd. Download their song from the iTunes Store, or from their web site puddleofmudd.com