As we close out the 3rd season of My Life as a Foodie, I figured it best to go out on a low note. That way, the bar would be set as low as possible when season 4 starts back up in June.

In honor of Andrew Zimmern, host of Bizarre Foods on The Travel Channel, I invited my good friend Don to dinner and served up some dried and seasoned bugs as the appetizer. Watch as we consume moth larvae and crickets, washed down with Green Flash Brewing’s Trippel.

See you in June for more food adventures, and the announcement of a new video series debuting this Summer.


  1. BEST $7 I ever spent!

    • Thanks again, Bob! As cool as it was to actually get these as a gift from you and Andrew, it was even more fun planning an entire segment around it. 🙂

  2. I really think you should do more videos! They are so much fun to watch!!
    Thanks for all you do for us and congrats big time on three complete seasons of MLAAF. Here’s to many more!

    Your buddy Steve in NC

    • Thanks Steve! Appreciate that you take the time to listen/watch. Definitely will be sharing more video soon.

  3. Funny video Phil. I would never put bugs in my mouth. But this was worth it for the shock value alone. Just catching up on all of your podcasts and I think they’re great. Love Banh Mi.

    • King, a month ago, I never thought I’d put bugs in my mouth either. But I did it so YOU DIDN’T HAVE TO (to coin a phrase). Won’t be doing it again anytime soon however.

      Thanks for your comments!

  4. Hello Phil, I also would like to see more video in Season 4. May I suggest video tour on food, wine or brewers. Phil, you have a great summer and I will be hearing from you in Season Four. Thank you for all the podcasts.

    • Thank you, Mango! I appreciate that you take time to listen to the show, and for all of your tweets! You have a fan of your work as well. I really like what you’re doing at Mango Projects.

      🙂 Thanks so much for your support!

  5. Just watched and loved it – love it even more that Bob and Andrew gave you the bugs! You already know I’m a big fan of your videos, very glad to see you are doing a new video series this summer. Congrats on getting to 3 years. Enjoy your vacation. See you in Season 4.

  6. Hi Phil
    I have come to your blog through Charles from 100 miles and I am very happy to have bumped into it !! I am already a fan ! I am a french amateur cooking (not professional ) and love to cook for leisure for friends ! when you have time come and visit my blog your are most welcome : recipes are both in french and english !! see you then !!
    Pierre de Paris

    • Pierre, thank you for taking the time to visit my site, and for your comment. Your blog looks fantastic! Your dishes are so colorful and presented perfectly.

      These certainly look like restaurant quality dishes to me. For an amateur cook, you’re hitting professional strokes here. And I appreciate that you also include your recipes in English. That helps! Love the foams too!

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