episode 60 :: island time

I’m back from a very relaxing vacation in Hawaii. The trip, as I expected, gave me perspective, but brought many more questions. I questioned the reasoning behind a lot of Hawaii’s food going in. And after a week of deep inquisition, I’m no closer to having a clue than I was before I got there.

So much for investigative reporting.

Hawaii’s a tough nut to crack – and I’m not talking about the Macadamia, which apparently plays a major part of a very famous mango-glazed chicken dip with toast points. Please, don’t ask. The food of Hawaii is schizophrenic – no question about it.

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In this episode:
• How the BP leak in the gulf looks all the way from Hawaii
• Kona Brewing can’t hold Maui Brewing’s jock
• Hawaiian food is so mixed up, even Zimmern can’t fully understand it
• High five to Rachael Ray! Yes, that’s right – it’s raining pink elephants.
Let’s make Poke Tacos!
• The Bourdain/Richman battle may have crossed the line . . . just a little
New travel blog from my friend Scott and his girlfriend Christy
• Top Chef Season 7 begins June 16th
• Pearl Harbor, and how we’ve started to lose touch with our history
• Dude Food — a new video cooking series, coming this Summer
Eat My Blog, June 19th. Come taste tasty treats from Jo & I and help the LA Regional Food Bank

Music in this episode by Blue Stahli. Buy the song in the iTunes Store or from the band’s web store.