episode 62 :: food movies

I may love food, but I really love movies. And when you combine the two together I find it to be either really good, or implausibly bad. But even when the movie might not reach great heights, it’s always fun to watch people cooking or eating on-screen. Even a movie that had nothing to do with food (The Godfather) had one of the greatest food scenes that ever graced the screen.

In this episode, we’ll review some of my favorite food movies, and participate in the first ever listener poll on My Life as a Foodie. Listen to the show, then please vote for your favorite food movie below. If your favorite isn’t listed, write one in. All I ask is that if you do write-in your vote that you add your entry in the comments section, so we can keep track of everyone’s favorites.

Listen to episode 62 now.

In this episode:
• Food movies
• Rooftop gardening, and the home gardening revolution
• Farm to table in Washington, D.C.
Rachael Oehring is a talented young writer, but a challenged eater. Help her find the promised land.
• Are food aversions a cultural issue?
• Gourmet Magazine is taking advantage of the interactive publishing revolution
• Oyster Quiz from seriouseats.com (take the quiz)

Music in this episode by Day of Fire. Purchase their music from their web site or from the iTunes Store.