episode 62 :: food movies

I may love food, but I really love movies. And when you combine the two together I find it to be either really good, or implausibly bad. But even when the movie might not reach great heights, it’s always fun to watch people cooking or eating on-screen. Even a movie that had nothing to do with food (The Godfather) had one of the greatest food scenes that ever graced the screen.

In this episode, we’ll review some of my favorite food movies, and participate in the first ever listener poll on My Life as a Foodie. Listen to the show, then please vote for your favorite food movie below. If your favorite isn’t listed, write one in. All I ask is that if you do write-in your vote that you add your entry in the comments section, so we can keep track of everyone’s favorites.

Listen to episode 62 now.

In this episode:
• Food movies
• Rooftop gardening, and the home gardening revolution
• Farm to table in Washington, D.C.
Rachael Oehring is a talented young writer, but a challenged eater. Help her find the promised land.
• Are food aversions a cultural issue?
• Gourmet Magazine is taking advantage of the interactive publishing revolution
• Oyster Quiz from seriouseats.com (take the quiz)

Music in this episode by Day of Fire. Purchase their music from their web site or from the iTunes Store.


  1. i was looking forward to this show, man. awesome.
    one food movie you need to see, despite it’s completely chickflick-sounding name, is “Mostly Martha”. and it’s german. about a kick-ass lady chef…very gabrielle hamilton-esque, i’d say, who’s raising a kid on her own…until fabio from top chef shows up (pretty much).
    along with that one, ratatouille and tampopo have got to be my favorites.

  2. Thanks Nik!! I remember hearing about Mostly Martha – never saw it, though. Will have to add it to my list. Someone on Facebook pointed out a glaring omission: “Harold & Kumar Go To White Castle.”

    How in the Hell did I leave that out? 😉

  3. It may be girly but ‘Babette’s Feast’ followed by ‘Like Water For Chocolate,’ or maybe the other way around now that I think of it. And where’s ‘Delicatessen’ and ‘Sweeney Todd’? Great episode. I love that you’re a foodie who is so into movies! Cheers!

    • I must have been drunk when I watched Sweeney Todd. That was a food movie? Oh, and I had no idea Like Water for Chocolate was actually about food. Definitely passed on that one. I think that was during my “dark” period when I didn’t watch chick flicks because I was “sans chick.”

      Thanks again for your support, and for your participation in our poll.

  4. Love the show Phil. I have the same passion for movies too, I just don’t get a chance to go to the theater all that often. Great poll!

    • I’m with you, G. I rarely get to the theater myself, but when we do we make it count. I do have a big assed DVD collection, though. I love collecting.

  5. My parents owned a small diner when we were growing up in illinois. They would grow a lot of herbs in pots in the back. They would use them in a lot of the dishes, usually as a garnish. Ever since then, I have always had something growing, even if it was a small pot of basil in the kitchen window. It’s a way of life for us now.

    • Great story, Kim. We recently visited a restaurant here in Orange County that had a full garden in their courtyard where they actually pulled from and cooked fresh. They had tomatoes, squash, lettuces and other greens, tons of herbs, and fruits. It was something else. And the food . . . I don’t have to tell you how fresh it tasted.

      Thanks for sharing. And thanks for listening. Did you vote?

  6. Hey Phil, I took that oyster quiz and got 8 out of 10, but I think a few of those answers were wrong. You can read in the comments that they actually made an error on at least 2 of them. Fun quiz, though.

    School lunch programs will improve I think. There’s a lot going on now and people are starting to realize that you can’t continue to eat this way. Diabetes in children is serious business.

    • Nice work, Andy. I got only 7 right, but I don’t know if it had anything to do with what you’re saying. The quiz was wrong? That would suck if it’s true.

      Thanks for playing along. And you’re right. School lunch programs are just a part of it. We’ll see mass change around here. We are already.

  7. My “Other” was: Eat Drink, Man Woman.

    • Nice one, Bill. I knew I was going to take a beating by leaving so many great movies out.

      Thanks for listening, and for your participation.

  8. Hey Phil,
    I got 8 out of 10 correct. I rarely eat oysters but truly want to learn to love them (as well as many other seafood items. Guess I have some of that “Gagging My Way To Bethlehem” in me.

    Great episode! Looking forward to the Dude Food wings show 🙂


  9. I was watching American Psycho a couple nights agonon IFC and noticed how food heavy that movie was. Patrick Bateman was always wanting to be at the best restaurants in New York just to be seen or just to show power. If have other motives but I respect his reasoning

    • Man, that’s twisted. And I love it. For some reason, the over the top violence of that movie did not bother me at all. Maybe because it was so over the top.

      Thanks for playing along!

  10. “Big Night” (not “The Big Night”) is EASILY the best restaurant movie of all time. EASILY.
    Maybe not the best food movie, but restaurant-wise, “Big Night” kills them all. A dark horse in the “best restaurant” category is an otherwise forgettable film called ‘Tequila Sunrise” with Michelle Pfeiffer and Mel Gibson.

    • Thanks for the correction, Bobby. I can always count on you! And I knew I’d leave a number of movies off this list. Tequila Sunrise was a great flick.

  11. Ratatouille hands down for best food movie. I thought pretty hard about some good food movies and had a hard time coming up with any that had not been mentioned, but I think I thought of one.

    The Ramen Girl starting Britany Murphy was actually had some really great food scenes in it. It’s about this girl who gets dumped by her boyfriend after moving to Japan to live with him and finds herself stranded in Japan. Upset, she stumbles into a Ramen shop and has her passion for food ignited by a bowl of ramen and decides to be some sort of ramen apprentice and learn how to cook. Yes, it eventually has a romantic plot come into it, but the center of the story is her and the food. Not the best, but for a food movie pretty good.

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