episode 63 :: fast food nation

Most of us have a deep, dark secret. Sooner or later, for whatever reason, we cave in and eat a little junk. Even though we know it’s the wrong thing to do, we do it anyway. Whether it’s a craving, or a desperate act of curing your hunger and the only option is fast food, we do it.

The question is, when you do finally go to the dark side, where do you go exactly?

I’m joined in studio once again by my friend Don, who has a few dark secrets of his own. It all comes out this week, along with a bottle of Saison we’re sharing together from Odonata Beer. And as an added bonus, we’re even having a little contest.

Take our fast food trivia quiz, and send your answers (in order, please) to phil [at] mylifeasafoodie.com.  The first person to answer all of the questions correctly will win a bottle of this fine beer. It’s my gift to you, so you can wash that taste of fast food sin out of your mouth.

Listen to episode 63

In this episode:
• Odonata Saison left me speechless (outside of the repeated use of the word “dude”)
• The egg recall could possibly set the egg business back many years
• Does Don have a secret Food Network crush that we don’t know about?
• Fast Food confessional
• Dan Patrick might be a foodie
• Fast Food Trivia Quiz (email your answers and win a bottle of Odonata Saison)
• Master Chef might wash away the sins of Hells Kitchen
• Andrew Zimmern on Nightline
• Ludo Bites featured on CNN Money
• Going to the OC Foodie Fest? Meet Don & Katrina there!

Don’t forget to join the My Life as a Foodie Facebook group. Twitter makes me feel like a 10-year old girl, and I hate that.  I might not last there much longer.

Music from this episode from Breaking Benjamin.  Buy their music from the band’s web site or from the iTunes Store.


  1. Another GREAT episode but I am NEVER eating beef again UNLESS I’ve had a full on relationship with the cow first. Finished! Done! Thanks a lot, Phil! It doesn’t surprise me in the least hearing this but the reality of it is just so gross. Loved that you had Don on, very fun listen. Oh, and, uhm, Don? Paula Deen, REALLY??? See you in Seattle, Phillie!

    • HA HA! Awesome, Charles. Don & Paula Deen . . . who knew??

      Sorry about the gross factor on the beef thing, but as tight as the regulations are on the meat industry, it somehow gets thrown out the window when it comes to packaging meat patties for mass consumption. Even that stuff you see in those big tubes in the grocery store are from multiple sources. Read the label sometime – just don’t buy any of it.

      Best bet is to grind your own meat and cook that burger at home. Sorry to say . . .

  2. My trip to the dark side is usually the Diablo Shrimp Burrito at Baja Fresh. I used to go to Hudson’s Grill (burger joints that used to be in Ventura County) before they closed for the burger but mainly for the milk shake. Old school shake that came with the extra in the ice cold metal mixing container.

  3. Ugh… Fast Food. I really try and stay away from the chains unless I’m stuck at work late and even then it’s usually just a bean and rice burrito from Taco Hell or a Veggie Sub from Subway. I really try and stay away from fast food meat. Just don’t trust it. However, when I’m drunk that usually goes out the window. I’m known to succumb to quite a few Double Cheeseburgers and Rodeo Burgers from Burger King when I’m trashed.

    I’m sort of happy I don’t really know who Paula Deen is. Is she the one all my food friends say cooks everything with butter? Like, “We’re making Lemonade Ya’ll. First get your stick of butter…” Sometimes I’m happy I don’t have Food Network at home.

    And I gotta agree, I’m enjoying MasterChef a lot. I hate how much filler is in the episodes but I love seeing the passion from everyday people. It’s fun to watch. I just hate the way Gordon Ramsey says things sometimes for that television tension. “The one major problem that I have with this dish….(dramatic tension) Is I can’t stop eating it,” but the bluntness of the Italian restaurant owner guy is hilarious. “I don’t eat garlic boiled in cream.” Hilarious.

  4. Twitter makes you feel like a ten year old girl? LOL!

    My guilty pleasures in no particular order: fish tacos, In-n-Out and ice cream. And Hot Dog on a Stick… There I said it 🙂

  5. of course when you dont have time to cook, fastfoods would always be the best option :*-

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