dude food :: episode 4 :: potato skins

With apologies to TGI McFunster’s, the potato skin is an incredible denigration of one of our greatest food gifts.  Potatoes have nourished humans for hundreds of years, an in some parts of the world even provided a cure for hunger. Regardless, potato skins are on the menu this time on Dude Food.

I know it’s been around for over 20 years, but the potato skin plays right into the hands of the whole Atkins craze. I don’t know why else we’d bake these beautiful things, slice them in half, carve all the good stuff out, just to fill the empty cavity with meats and cheeses. But that’s what we’re doing today. And we’re doing it in style.

In 12 quick minutes, you’ll learn how to make your own potato skins. Trust me, it really doesn’t get much easier than this.


  1. good lord i love your intros.

    I’m going to give this a try for our next Steelers game. So what did you do with the potato insides you scooped out?

    • Thanks Spoon! One thing I failed to mention is what to do with the scooped out potato. What I normally do is whip it with butter and cream, then season it with salt and pepper and some minced fresh rosemary. I’ll then put that back into the skins and re-bake them. Hence, twice baked potatoes. They’re outstanding. If it’s not a date night with the wife, add some minced garlic.

  2. That Bobby guy… geez, tough critic. I see these coming out sometime soon for Football season. Ever thought of doing a breakfast skin? Egg, feta, tomato? I think that needs to happen as well… Cheers, Phil – great stuff as always.

    • Bognar . . . he’s nothing but support, I’ll tell you.

      Dude, the breakfast skin is a GREAT IDEA! Egg, feta, tomato is a brilliant combination. I love it.

      • Been thinking more about this… Egg and ham, sliced asparagus and topped with hollandaise sauce. Spuds Benedict.

  3. Digged: http://digg.com/news/lifestyle/dude_food_episode_4_potato_skins_my_life_as_a_foodie
    Or is it Dugged?

    Good show. I like Rick’s suggestion with the Breakfast skin with some egg. May have to give it a go when I’m down a few more pounds.

    • BuBBy, you are the freakin’ man. Thanks for the Digg!

      Keep losing that weight so you can put it back on with some of this sinful crap I’m making!

  4. I am all over the episodes of dude-food and still in-line with the My life eps. I do not write enough, but do know that I value your work.

    I love the ideas of the potato skin and have seriously never thought of making this at home. I am going to be all about that eggs Benedict skin that Rick mentioned and will try a few of my own.

    BTW, I made bacon. I will link some pictures sometime and leave them in the comments soon. I wanted to taste it before I admitted to it. It was great, not salty as I thought and the mixture of Birch and Grape vine smoke was so good. Turned my gas grill into a smoker with a cast iron and aluminium foil. The bad part is… I don’t think I can eat regular bacon again.

    Next up, potato skins with bacon and aged cheddar.
    Take care and keep it up!

    • Hey Kirk! Thanks for checking in, my friend. It’s great to see you here again. And thank you for your kind comments. It’s always great to hear from you.

      So awesome that you made your own bacon. I have never thought to use Birch and Grape vines for smoke. I can’t even get those here! It’s an outstanding idea! And the very first time I made bacon, I used my gas grill as a smoker. I just lit a single burner on one side, turned it all the way down low, laid apple chunks on foil (as you did) and kept the bacon on the other side of the grill, so it did not get direct heat. I imagine your bacon tasted incredible!

      Thanks again, man. I hope you’re doing well.

  5. Great episode, Phil! Potato skins provide one more reason to make your own bacon. Love Rick’s Spuds Benedict idea! Screw not eating carbs — I’m with you there. Thanks for teaching me how skins are done properly. Look forward to the next DF episode.

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