episode 65 :: ghost in the machine

This annual Halloween episode of My Life as a Foodie has been possessed by a demon by the name of Pazuzu, and is now under his control. As is the tradition every year around this time, there is a contest involved. But knowing exactly what you’re looking for may prove more difficult than before, due to Pazuzu’s decision to cleverly scramble a few things.

Listen carefully, pay attention to the details, and good luck. The winner will receive a DVD copy of “Skin Walkers” courtesy of Lionsgate Films, as well as your own pet Ghost that you can grow yourself. Details of the contest are contained in the episode. Best of luck.

Listen to episode 65

In this episode (in no particular order, thanks to Pazuzu):
• Paula Deen’s Widowmaker sandwich seems to have influenced some people in the Midwest
• She’s back for more – Paula Deen in “The Comedyville Horror”
• May I interest you in some turkey nuts?
• Walmart gearing up to sell local produce from small farmers
• Ghost Hunters – real, or complete wackos?
• Could there really be a ghost following me?
• Stone’s Vertical Epic 10.10.10
• So, Cat Cora’s been a lesbian all this time? That’s a secret ingredient I can get into.

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