episode 65 :: ghost in the machine

This annual Halloween episode of My Life as a Foodie has been possessed by a demon by the name of Pazuzu, and is now under his control. As is the tradition every year around this time, there is a contest involved. But knowing exactly what you’re looking for may prove more difficult than before, due to Pazuzu’s decision to cleverly scramble a few things.

Listen carefully, pay attention to the details, and good luck. The winner will receive a DVD copy of “Skin Walkers” courtesy of Lionsgate Films, as well as your own pet Ghost that you can grow yourself. Details of the contest are contained in the episode. Best of luck.

Listen to episode 65

In this episode (in no particular order, thanks to Pazuzu):
• Paula Deen’s Widowmaker sandwich seems to have influenced some people in the Midwest
• She’s back for more – Paula Deen in “The Comedyville Horror”
• May I interest you in some turkey nuts?
• Walmart gearing up to sell local produce from small farmers
• Ghost Hunters – real, or complete wackos?
• Could there really be a ghost following me?
• Stone’s Vertical Epic 10.10.10
• So, Cat Cora’s been a lesbian all this time? That’s a secret ingredient I can get into.

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  1. I’m not afraid to say, in a public forum, that I have had experiences with ghosts! I have. I believe! Loved the Cat Cora bit. Saw that coming a mile away. Great episode. Walmart and Paula Deen are both scary, scary things!

    • I take a lot of ball breaking whenever I bring this stuff up, Charles. So I know what you mean. No one believes until they’ve either seen, heard, or felt the presence right in front of them. 🙂

      Great seeing you this Halloween season!

  2. I just want to say that the Halloween episode is my favorite every year. I look forward to it. You always help get me and my kids into the Halloween spirit, Phil. Thanks for another fun episode. The Paula Deen stuff never gets old.

    Happy Halloween!

    • Thanks Andy. It’s my favorite episode too. Hope you had a Happy Halloween!

  3. That ghost certainly did make a mess of things, didn’t he? Happy Halloween!

    I don’t know about this whole Walmart plan to sell local fruits and vegetables. It sounds like a great opportunity for local farmers, but given Walmart’s history of squeezing suppliers until they go out of business, it is like doing business with the devil. No matter what Walmart says, past history proves the case.

    • Hope you had a great Halloween, Ronnie. Thanks for playing along.

      I’m sure all of this Walmart stuff will come out sooner or later. We just have to wait and see what happens. I am glad they’re offering fresh produce, though.

  4. Hey Phil!

    Love this episode. Just a quick comment on the “Widow Maker” burger mentioned in this episode. Here in the south (Atlanta), it’s called (and always known as) the Luther Burger it was created by and and named by the now deceased singer/songwriter/producer Luther Vandross prior to his weight loss phase. Krispy Kreme was the doughnut of choice.

    Lately extreme burgers are becoming the fad as gourmet burger joints are springing up.

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