episode 66 :: that’s italian!

If you ask any Italian, there are two kinds of people – Italians, and those who wish they were Italian. I’m here to debunk that theory. I grew up Sicilian-American, and I’ll be the first to tell you it was no bloody picnic. Sure, it feels warm and the food is fantastic. But you have get the knife out of your back before you can eat.

It’s not all bad, though. There are the constant questions about whether or not members of your family were in the mafia, and whether your Grandparents were actually from Italy, or the other part of the boot – Sicily. Should it be the latter, then may God be with you . . . and me, for that matter.

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In this episode:
• Growing up in a third-generation Sicilian-American household
• Francis Ford Coppola’s public apology for The Godfather
• GAME TIME: “Name that Goomba Movie!”
• Birra Moretti La Rossa Dopplebock – surprisingly good
• Making Saltimboca
• It’s Oyster season, and time for a new Thanksgiving tradition
• Mafia Crime Drama novel or Penthouse Forum? (NSFW, home, or the car)
• Tips for pairing food & whiskey
• Brewmasters with Sam Calagione, Sundays on Discovery
• Eataly – Mario Batali’s new Italian mini-mall
Eat My Blog, December 4th – Be there!

Music in this episode by Saliva. Buy their music from their web site or from the iTunes Store.