episode 67 :: top chef all-stars

Bravo’s long-running show Top Chef may very well be the most successful food show on television. It has seen great ratings success, Emmy awards, spin-offs, and has launched the careers of several truly top tier chefs. There is no questioning its popularity and position as one of the most successful shows on television.

In my opinion, it is also in its twilight.  After the amazing talent pool assembled for its sixth (and undoubtedly best) season, I had my doubts that the show would ever pique my interest the way it did then ever again. Season 7 was dreadful, and I really wasn’t looking forward to seeing the show try to get its mojo back. It was like sitting and watching your old injured dog walking around the living room dragging his back leg every Wednesday night for an hour.

That is, until they announced Top Chef All-Stars.  Throw every season’s runner-up and a few also-rans into one big kitchen and you’ve got perhaps the best season of Top Chef fans of the show can ever expect.  If the first show was any indication, we’re in for the best season the show has ever seen.  In this week’s episode, we’ll be reviewing the highlights of the first episode of the show, which can be seen every Wednesday night on Bravo.

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In this episode:
• Vote for My Life as a Foodie in the Food & Drink category at the 2010 Podcast Awards. If I win, you’ll be treated to something special.
• Dogfish Head’s Red & White
Eat My Blog raises $12,000 for the LA Regional Food Bank
• How to make my Coconut Cranberry Chew
• “Sam the Clam” the new children’s book from Chef Nathan Lyon (purchase on Amazon.com or directly from the publisher)
• Saison Rue from The Bruery among Esquire’s top Saisons
• Recapping Top Chef All-Stars
• Burger of the Year – The Umami Burger

Music in this episode from Linkin Park.  Buy their music from their web site or directly from the iTunes Store