Episode 4 :: Pho 14

PhoIf there was anything good that came from the Vietnam War, it was the massive rush of immigrants that landed on US soil. What they brought with them was their culture, their spirit, and best of all their food. Pho – one my favorite things in the world to eat. It’s a warm hearty bowl of goodness. Noodles, meat, fresh vegetables in a rich bowl of broth.

In this episode, we visit a Pho House, order some Pho and take it back to the studio with us. We also cook some New Mexico rubbed Pork Tenderloin with Beans & Greens.

As for the drink – it’s Avery’s 14th Anniversary Ale, which goes well with the tenderloin, as well as a discussion on Paula Dean’s recent appearance on the Larry King show. I don’t know when Larry King jumped the shark, but he’s got the strangest taste in guests.

Download and listen to Episode 4.

Get the recipe for the New Mexico Pork Tenderloin with Beans & Greens.

Watch the slideshow from this episode.

Music from this episode by DJ Wamba and Faithless.

Episode 3 :: The Maharaja

This time, it’s about West Coast India Pale Ale and white IPA Chicken Chili. We’re drinking two great IPAs and making a white chicken chili with the IPA as well. They go great together. Bring the heat!

I’m also introducing a new segment called “Food News.” We read an interesting story about a homebrewer who’s invented Pizza Beer, with mixed reactions. Also, Disney dumps their plan of marketing wine with the Ratatouille rat on it, which irritates me. Finally, a discussion about the current outbreak of botulism.

The two IPAs we’re having are The Maharaja Imperial Pale Ale from Avery Brewing in Boulder, Colorado, and Thunderhead IPA from Pyramid Breweries. They’re both fantastic, but the Maharaja is an absolute hop bomb – over 100 IBUs. Oh, and if you don’t know what an IBU is, or an IPA, don’t worry – I’ll explain it.

Download Episode 3 :: The Maharaja here.

Oh, and while you’re downloading stuff, I made a slideshow of the IPA Chicken Chile recipe. Download that too. And while you’re at it, download the actual recipe for the IPA Pale Chicken Chili here.

Music in this show courtesy of Brian Hikmers and Ibizarre.